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Zack Sekuler is a Director, Animator, VFX Artist, Motion Designer, Creative Director and Visual Artist. Over the years Zack has gained a reputation for being the industry's "swiss army knife" able to take on any project in any medium for anyone and make something great, earning his work billions of views along the way.


Zack got his start at Cal Arts where he studied Film and Graphic Design while working for Shepard Fairey's OBEY brand. Whether it's helping launch the visual identity of artists like "The Neighbourhood", directing a music video for Elton John and Stevie Wonder, being featured on [Adult Swim], or making fun of major brands like CVS while also doing some of their best marketing, Zack finds a way to make thoughtful and engaging work that always sticks the landing.


After hearing "You could replace an entire studio" enough times, Zack decided to do exactly that, founding ANYTHINGSHOP and enlisting the help of other "swiss army knife" creatives. Our unique ability to oversee a project from concept to completion and understand every step along the way is why we have the confidence to say:

"We can make ANYTHING"